360 Chiropractic Receives Anna Marie’s Alliance 2018 Impact Award

November 9, 2018
anna marie's alliance award for 2018

Anna Marie’s Alliance Impact Award is given to one organization and one individual a year based on their great impact on AMA. It is based on that organization or individual’s volunteering, fundraising, and philanthropic programs. It’s a way for the AMA to recognize community members for their contributions.

We are happy to announce that this year, 360 Chiropractic has been chosen as the Alliance Impact Award winner. Sandy Nadeau, Director of Development and Communication said, “[360 Chiropractic has] supported us in many ways over the years.”

Nadeau went on to explain that the word “impact” is an important feature in the award. “We don’t survive without community support,” she says. “It’s about being consistent and long-term. It keeps the organization functional and moving forward. The qualifications to win this award are apparent to the rest of the community.”doctors lined up accepting the anna marie's alliance award

Dr. John and the rest of the team at 360 Chiropractic are thrilled to win this award and to continue to support such a worthy cause. 360 Chiropractic was inspired to help after a talk the AMA did at Sertoma Club many years ago. Our team was inspired by their message, leadership, and local impact. “Dr. Jon is just a wonderful man and a great supporter,” says Nadeau. “The fact that the organization is lead by men who support this shelter is amazing. We are so proud to partner with them.”

To assist AMA, 360 Chiropractic gives donations of funds raised through our Gift of Health promotion. We also raised funds from patient donations during our 20+ Patient Appreciation days in the past. “Our staff gets more from helping others than I can ever say,” says Dr. John. “It is nice to be recognized with the award, but Anna Marie Alliance deserves all the credit.”

If you are interested in getting involved, contact the Anna Marie Alliance to help with support, donations, or volunteer opportunities. We also encourage you to find a cause you feel strongly about and give your time and expertise!