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Physical Rehabilitation

Restore movement and confidence with physical rehabilitation at 360 Chiropractic

Physical rehabilitation is a powerful tool for recovery after an injury or medical event, such as a car accident or work injury, which has affected the function of the muscles, nerves, ligaments and spine. For those who have suffered such injuries or are seeking treatment for general discomfort or chronic pain, physical rehabilitation can offer life-changing improvements to overall health, flexibility and strength.

The restoration of full, proper motion and body function is critical to achieving optimal wellness and a high quality of life. Our accredited, compassionate staff takes every step to ensure the comfort, confidence and success of all physical rehabilitation patients. Your care team will work closely with you to assess your symptoms and the body systems affected, compile a detailed care plan, and guide you through the physical rehabilitation process and exercises. 

360 Chriopractic Physical Therapy With Patient

360 Degrees of Care

In addition to first-class chiropractic care, our facility offers additional services for full body care.

Could physical rehab be right for you?

If you’ve suffered an injury, debilitating medical event, or are experiencing a chronic pain condition, physical rehabilitation could help ease your pain and restore your range of motion. 

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