Patient Testimonials

“I came to 360 Chiropractic because I couldn’t deal with the headaches and neck pain anymore due to my car accident.  I was always greeted by name and a smile at the door.  Most importantly I have improved 110% on all my back and neck pain and I no longer get headaches!  Dr. Marc is awesome!!”

– Jenna H.

“I came to 360 Chiropractic because I have been dealing with migraine headaches and dizziness/vertigo for 19+ years.  I couldn’t drive or hardly work without help because my entire world was spinning.  Dr. Marc was wonderful!!!  He tried everything from chiropractic, acupuncture to the eply manuever which worked wonderfully!  He showed me how to do this at home until it was better.  It only took 2-3 days and I was feeling great!!”

– Melanie N.

“The reason I came to 360 Chiropractic was because I had injured my lower back at work and was in constant pain for several years.  It was hard to get out of bed and stand up in the morning.  Things as simple as brushing my teeth and putting on socks was very difficult.  But since starting care I haven’t felt this good in years.  I now run 5 K’s and bike long tours (50-90 miles at a time).  I wasn’t able to be comfortable on a bike with back pain.  I am currently training for a 1/2 marathon.  I always recommend 360 to my friends.”

– Dan E.

“I was having a lot pain in my lower back and hip.  I couldn’t even walk.  Doctors didn’t know what was wrong and decided to test me for MS.  I was bed-ridden one day and in so much pain that I decided to come in for a free consultation.  I had suffered for several months to the point of not really being able to work or do anything.  It turned out I didn’t have MS and after just 2 visits with Dr. Jon there was significant improvement.  After a month I was good as new.  I recommend 360 to everyone I know.  It has been huge for me.  My pain is now under control and I’ve even been through 3 pregnancies.  Best of all the office staff is almost like family.  I love this place.”

– Sarah G.

“I started seeing Dr. Jon at 360 Chiropractic 13 years ago because I was starting to have signs of carpal tunnel syndrome from my past job.  Since coming to 360 with regular visits, I call it my self-maintainence program.  It allows me to do things with my grandkids and helps me to look and feel younger than my age.”

– Doreen S.

“I came to 360 Chiropractic because I was having a ton of pain in neck, back, arms, legs and headaches everyday.  I was suffering for a few months and a friend referred me here.  Now that I have been coming to 360 I no longer have daily headaches.  I can drive without my legs becoming numb and I can now enjoy working again without being in pain and feeling sick all day everyday.”

– Alyssa C.

“We first heard of 360 Chiropractic when we moved back to the St. Cloud area as we were looking for a chiropractor and found Dr. Brent.  We have been with him ever since.  The type of care we get here at 360 Chiropractic and Dr. Brent is what keeps us going and enjoying life.  It doesn’t get any better.”


“I was always aftraid of chiropractic until I heard that 360 Chiropractic uses the activator instrument.  For long-term health, I knew I needed to address my hip and neck issues.  My symptoms made me less likely to enjoy the activities I liked doing.  Regular chiropractic visits, massages, and exercises have helped to shift and lessen my symptoms.  It’s still a journey of discovery and awareness, but I have tools and resources to draw on here.”

– Stephanie H.

“Before starting care here at 360 Chiropractic, due to my job working at a desk/computer all day I would experience a lot of neck and upper back pain with shoulder problems too and headaches.  My muscles in my neck and back would get tight and sore easily.  I figured I would have to just live with the pain.  But because of chiropractic care I feel great.  Dr. Marc is always positive and goes beyond with his care.  He has done more than just easing my pain but has researched problems I had experienced and gave me tools to help at home.”


“I first came to 360 Chiropractic because I had been dealing with headaches for 5-10 years.  Dr. Brent is a great, caring doctor that helps keep my headaches at a minimum with activator and acupuncture treatments.”

– Mary K.