360’s Newest Technique: Cupping

March 23, 2014


360 Chiropractic recently added the traditional Chinese medicine technique of cupping to its repertoire of therapies.  With cupping, a partial vacuum is created when the cups are placed on the skin.  After a few minutes of having the cups on the skin, blood stasis is formed and this is where the healing takes place. The cups suction rapidly helping to loosen and lift connective tissue to assist in an increase of blood flow and lymph flow to the skin and the muscles. When the cups are removed in a pulling action, this engages the parasympathetic nervous system. In other words, it allows for a heightened state of relaxation for the body and mind.

This ancient remedy stems from indigenous people that used hollowed out animal horns to drain toxins from skin lesions or venomous bites.  Over time it evolved to the use of bamboo cups and to glass cups, which are currently still used.  Cupping became a common household technique back in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.  Other cultures used cupping as well, including the early Greeks and Egyptians.  The art of cupping has many benefits to a patient, which is why it was added to 360’s list of chiropractic therapies.

In addition to increased blood flow and relaxation, cupping can help remedy minor problems that you may be experiencing with your health.  After having a cupping treatment, there can be a variety of side effects ranging from sleepiness, vivid dreams, food cravings and other minor issues.  The side effects are, however, short lived and usually mild.  They also become less frequent with more treatments.  The most recognizable side effects of cupping is discoloration.  These marks are not bruises but are caused by stagnant fluids that, when brought to the surface, create bruise like marks.  This is the therapeutic effect that is wanted in order to create healthy tissue.  When tissues are healthy, the discoloration will no longer be present.

The health benefits of cupping strongly outweigh the minor side effects, so deciding to use this procedure should be an easy one.

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