Four Ways to Treat Tech-Neck

December 22, 2016

Tech-neck is a term that refers to the strain in your neck and shoulder muscles that develop from craning your neck down too often when you are looking at a phone, tablet, or computer. This unnatural position can also result in neck aches, stiff shoulders, overall body soreness, and damage to your spine. In order to remedy tech-neck, take a look at our four tips below:

Log Off and Unplug

Despite what you might believe, it is entirely possible to reduce the time that you need to spend on your phone. Log off and unplug in order to prevent some serious strain on your neck. Setting personal limits on the time you spend on your phone can help in a variety of ways. You can also think about deleting unnecessary apps on your phone. Trendy gaming apps come and go; yes, they seem like fun at first, but your neck and shoulders will thank you for it in the long run.  

Adjust Your Posture

Rather than lounging back and looking down at your phone, bring the phone up to eye level. This will help keep your spine aligned and reduce the strain on your muscles overall. It may feel awkward if this is not your regular routine, but you will become accustomed over time.

Take Care of Your Neck

More than just your spine is affected by improper technology posture; your skin can suffer as well. Your skin needs help to look healthy and to prevent the effects of aging. Be sure to drink plenty of water, moisturize, and eat your vitamins. Use your fingers to gently massage your neck and get some blood circulating. A little TLC will go a long way in having a healthy beautiful neck.

Exercise Often

Regular exercise can help your body in numerous ways. Finding specific exercises to target your neck and shoulder muscles will help relieve strain from overactive muscles. Consider the following stretches:

  • Bend your neck to the right so that your ear nearly touches your shoulder. Relax and hold for 20 seconds. Return to center, and then repeat the move to the left. Do a repetition of five.
  • Do a simple chin tuck. Tilt your hard down and tuck your chin into your neck. Hold for five seconds, and then look back up. Do a repetition of ten.
  • Do a simple seated neck release. Sit in a crossed-legged position on the floor. Place your hand on top of your head and tilt your head to the left. Apply gentle pressure to deepen your stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, and return to resting position. Repeat on the other side. Do 6 repetitions.
  • Do a yoga bridge. This classic exercise will help you engage in a deep stretch that will work your neck, shoulders, and upper back. To learn how to do a yoga bridge, watch this video.

When it comes to your health, be sure to listen to your body. If you have aches and pains in your neck and shoulders, it usually means something is not working correctly. Preventing tech neck is much easier than treating it, so keep these tips in mind.

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