The Activator Method

December 2, 2013


360 Chiropractic uses the activator method to perform all chiropractic adjustments. The technique uses a small hand held instrument (also called an activator) to distribute specific low force adjustments directly to the body.  Doing so helps to re-align the joints, relax tight muscles, and reduce pain and nerve irritation.  The first step in performing the activator method is for the Chiropractor to determine where treatment is needed.  He or she does this by examining the patient’s spinal joint dysfunction, analyzing postural distortions, reviewing x rays and /or MRI findings, identifying issues with body mechanics, and testing neurological reflexes.  Once the Doctor determines which part of the body needs treatment, he or she can begin treatment.

Chiropractors are opting to use this method for three reasons

1.      Low Force- The activator method is considered low force because it does not require the patient to have their body “twisted” in order for the spine to be manipulated.

2.      The Speed:  When any force intrudes the body, muscles automatically contracted in order to protect that area from the intrusion.  The activator instrument produces a thrust that is quicker than the body’s reflexes.  This improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

3.      Range of Patients: Because of the accuracy and controlled light force, it is suitable for all type of patients.