Train Safely and Get Stronger This Summer

May 29, 2017

The summer is a time when high school and college athletes focus on strength training to improve themselves for their upcoming seasons. Strength training improves the strength of muscles, tendons and even ligaments and bones, but when athletes dedicate themselves to a strength training program, the possibility of injury can increase.


Injury prevention is something that is often overlooked by younger athletes. The most common types of athletic injuries are muscle imbalances. When one muscle becomes stronger than its opposing group, the weaker ones become fatigued quicker and are more susceptible to injury. The weaker muscle can have a hard time counteracting the force that the stronger muscle is applying to it.


A balanced strength training program will help to counter these effects by strengthening weaker muscles to balance them with their counterparts. There are some precautions to look out for when starting a strength training program.

Use Proper Form

Keep your body in proper alignment while exercising to minimize injury chances. Start with light weights or resistance and develop proper form. Increase your resistance in small increments and only when the desired number of reps can be performed in the correct form.


Be Sure to Rest

Taking a break plays a key role in the efficiency of the program you start. Performing strength training exercises for the same muscle groups without proper rest between sessions can definitely lead to overtraining. When your muscles are overtrained, they are more likely to be unable to repair properly and less ready to work. Muscles become stronger when they are properly rested.


Warm Up Properly

Taking the time to warm up your muscles and tendons helps prepare them for what’s to come. Without a proper stretch or warm-up, muscles and tendons may become tight and stiff. This can lead to a lasting injury.

Become Flexible

If you become flexible enough, you can prevent strength training injuries. Flexible muscles and tendons perform better. If muscles are tight and stiff, it’s easier for them to be pushed beyond their natural range of movement. To keep your muscles flexible, be sure to start a flexibility training program.


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