How to Avoid Slip Or Falling on Icy Conditions

February 24, 2015

While we are all trying to cope with the freezing cold weather, it is crucial to remember that cold weather means icy conditions. These icy conditions make simple tasks such as walking to and from you car a bit of a challenge. It is important to take precautions when walking on slippery ground to avoid falling and injuring yourself, and it is just as important to know what to do if you do accidentally fall.

Don’t impair your vision: While it is very important to stay warm, do not compromise your vision with your choice of clothing. Wearing ski goggle, hoodies, large scarves, etc. may prevent you from spotting an icy patch while walking and can lead to a fall.

woman with an umbrella in the winter walking on a bridgeWalk cautiously: When walking on ice, remember to slightly bend your knees and walk slowly. Doing this will help your balance, and there will be less of a risk of you falling.

Check out what is above you: Not only is hazardous ice on the ground, it may also be on building rooftops and entryways. Falling icicles and ice chunks can cause major injuries, so be sure to stay clear of them.

Your footwear choice is important: If you know you will be walking in slippery conditions, make sure to choose shoes with grips on the bottoms. Wearing shoes with no grips on the soles will cause you to slip much easier.

Don’t just depend on yourself:  In extreme conditions, don’t afraid to bring a walking stick along! Having a walking stick will only improve your stability and help you stay upright.

If you do fall…: Move slowly. While your first instinct may be to get up as quickly as possible, avoid putting a greater strain on your body and get up slowly. You will be sore the next few days, so be sure to stretch your muscles to help them recover quickly. Ice the injured area once you get inside and call your chiropractor if pain is moderate to severe or persists past 24 hours.

If pain persists…: See your chiropractor.  If you still have pain after a few days of falling, you may need professional help to alleviate your pain. At 360 Chiropractic, we will be able to decide the best treatment plan for your unique injury.